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ECO Flame Retardant Elastomer Seal

Flame resistance


Eco friendly and flame-retardant elastomer.  This is soft sealing product is enviromental friendly and meets UL: V-O Internal Standards.  In general, current thermoplastic elastomer products are more than 80 degrees in hardness or only meet UL: V-1 Standard because of inorganic flame retardants such as magnesium hydroxide for flame resistant purposes.  Eco Nannen is useful in the electronics field in which enviromental and flame retardant standards are applied.  In the recent years, such standard requirements are strictly imposed.  This product is the best solution to the problems.


Color Composition Thickness Hardness Package
Black,White TPE+ECO+Flame-retardant elastomer Customized Shore A 80° Customized

※The customized in large quantities, and the production of small demand is also welcome to consult!


Flame resistance Eco friendly and flame-retardant elastomer meets the flamability requirements of UL: V-0
Eco-friendly It conforms with the RoHS directive
Safeness It is safe since it emits less carbon monoxide gas and smoke than other elastomers
Coloring Many colors are available since it is a elastomer.  It retains flammability when it is colored
Flexibilty Soft products are possible since it does not contain inorganic flame retardants
Formability Its formability is as good as other thermoplastic olefin elastomers


·   Electonics pares and device
·   Automobile parts
·   Household equipment
·   Sealing materials for medical equipment packing materials, gaskets, protectors, tubing