Equipment Trim

General Trim Series

Physical strength
Easy installation


Trim series is airtight, watertight, and dust resistant.  Its installation is simple as it does not use adhesives.  The clips ensure easy installation on metal or plastic plates.  No holding is required because adhesives are not used.


Color Composition Thickness Heat resistance MOQ
Black PVC, SUNPRENE, EP Sponge 1.0mm-3.2mm -30℃-160℃ 200M



Physical strength It realizes high impact strength by the metal frame attachment.  The resin types or rubber types can be chosen according to the requirements
Easy installation Trim series can be used as a packing material for flanges of metal flames or plates, test equipments, and switchboards.  It can flexibly bend around curves
Recyclable No migration occurs because Trim series does not use any adhesives.  It can be easily recycled since it is removable
Coloring Resin types can be colored(please contact us for any queries that you may have)


·   Door panel:The edge of indoor and outdoor sheet
·   Equipment:The equipment of semiconductor and technology
·   Refrigerator:Constant temperature box, constant humidity box, industrial refrigerator
·   Transportation:The door panel of vessel, truck, car
·   Normal:The edge of various metal and plastic sheets  

Material No

·   PVC:SRP001 ~ SRP007
·   SUNPRENE:SRS001 ~ SRS003
·   EP Sponge:SRE001 ~ SRE009