Equipment Trim

Silicone trim

Composite metal structure, non-common marketed PVC material
Not easily cracked, hardened, or deformed.
Impervious to water and dust
Resistance to high temperature, low temperature, chemical resistance


The silicone sealant strip has good elasticity and contains U-shaped metal. It can increase the force of inserting into the force track without deformation and simple installation. It can fit into the edge of the plate and fit into the curved surface. The strip can be installed one by one to protect the edge.


Color Composition Thickness Heat resistance MOQ
Black,gray SPCC,Stainless steel 1.0-3.2mm -30-160℃ 200M



Chemical resistance Silicone material has excellent heat resistance and chemical resistance
Easy installation Has individual internal metal clips to install easily and simply
Simple maintain No migration occurs,it can be easily recycled and removable
Sealed and dustproof Sealed to dustproof and waterproof


·   Door panel:The edge of indoor and outdoor sheet
·   Equipment:The equipment of semiconductor and technology
·   Refrigerator:Constant temperature box, constant humidity box, industrial refrigerator
·   Transportation:The door panel of vessel, truck, car
·   Normal:The edge of various metal and plastic sheets

Material No

·   Silicone + SPCC:SRH-001 / SRH-002 / SRH-003 / SRH-004 / SRH-005
·   Silicone + Stainless steel:SRH-001S / SRH-002S/ SRH-003S/ SRH-004S / SRH-005S