Equipment Trim

ECO Plastic(Resinous) Trim

Excellent secondary workability


All resinous trims which have hard resinous frames.  Eco resinous trims is the world's first and innovative trim that has a hard resinous frame.  It is eco-friendly and recyclable.  Unlike normal trims, its flam does not rust and realizes welding for endless processing etc.


Color Composition Thickness Heat resistance MOQ
Black PP+TPO+Sube-up(Abrasion resistance resin) 1.0mm-3.2mm -30℃-160℃ 200M

※The color can be customized in large quantities, and the production of small demand is also welcome to consult!


Eco-friendly This product is environmentally friendly because it has a clip and does not need solvent-type adhesives. It can be attached or removed repeatedly.
Light-weight It is lightweight because it does not have a metal frame.
Antirusting Its frame does not rust because it is made of resin.
Recyclable It is recyclable because its surface material is an olefin elastomer, which is of the same type as polypropylene used for its frame.
Coloring It can be colored because it is made of resin.
Excellent secondary workability It realizes welding for endless processing, including the frame, because it is made of resin.


·   Door panel:The edge of indoor and outdoor sheet
·   Equipment:The equipment of semiconductor and technology
·   Refrigerator:Constant temperature box, constant humidity box, industrial refrigerator
·   Transportation:The door panel of vessel, truck, car
·   Normal:The edge of various metal and plastic sheets  

Material No

PP+TPO+Sube-up:SRT-001 ~ 005