Flouracarbon Resin Tube

Heat resistance
Solvent resistance
chemical resistance
Gas leak proof


Flouracarbon Resin has excellent heat resistance, solvent resistance, chemical resistance, and gas leak-proof. It is commonly used in medical, semiconductor, physical and chemical laboratory equipment, mechanical tools, laboratory equipments and medical equipment.
Material Type(Code) Grade Minimum Inner Diameter Features Temperature in use Applications Natural color(available color)
Flouracarbon resin PTFE
(Polytetrafluoroethene )
0.051mm~ *Heat resistance
*Solvent, chemical resistance
-253 to 288 C *Medical, semiconductor, physics & chemical lab equipments Opal, (Contact with us about other colors)
0.1mm~ *Heat resistance
*Solvent resistance especially for chemical
*Gas leak proof, High clarity
-253 to 260 C Translucent(Green, Yellow, Blue, Red and others)
(Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene)
0.3mm~ *Heat, solvent resistance especially for chemical
*Higher clarity than PFA
*Gas leak proof
-253 to 200 C Translucent(Green, Yellow, Blue, Red and others)
(Polyvinylidene Difluoride)
0.5mm~ *Heat and solvent resistance, especially for chemical
*Hight in gas leak proof
-65 to 150 C Translucent
THV200 0.4mm~ *Most pliable in flourine type
*Optimum transference for liquid as in high clarily
-20 to 80 C *Machine tools
*Laboratory equipments
*Medical equipments
THV400 -20 to 110 C
THV500 -20 to 150 C