TPU Tube

Abrasion resistance
Mechanical properties
Impact resistance


This tube is made from Polyurethane which has excellent abrasion resistance.  Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) is one of super engineering plastic.  As compared to other super engineering plastic, it has excellent abrasion and mechanical stress resistance.  It can be widely used for many applications because it has various types of hardness.  We respond to the consulation of profile extrusions and large diameter tubes.


Color Composition Diameter
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Abrasion resistance As compared to other rubbers and plastic, it has excellent abrasion resistance
Mechanical properties As compared to other rubbers and plastic, it has excellent mechanical properties
Hardness The hardness can be chosen ranging from rubber hardness to super engineering hardness
Impact resistance It meets the requirements of Izod impact strength test at temperature -30


· Low/medium/high pressure hose, Tube, Conveyor belt, Vee belt
· Electric wire and gaskets