Is ScienceRich commissioned to print out by 3D printing?


1. Can we print with POM material?

A: It used to be printed on POM material, but it wasn't of good quality. So it isn't allowed this time.


2. Is there MOQ limited?  By weight or quantity?

A: No MOQ limited, but technical cooperation with Japan company, print in Japan.  We'll suggest MOQ according to the quantity, size and printing time.  The quotation is based on printing time.


3. What is the criteria for tolerance?

A: There are no specific tolerances because it is based on the material, size, shape...etc.  but It can be as the targeted by intermediate tolerances of JIS0405-B.


4. What is the delivery schedule?

A: About 3~4 weeks, as the answer of question 2, depending on the printing time.


5. Does the PEEK material contain Glass fiber (GF),Carbon Fiber (CF)?

A: PEEK materials can be selected for GF/CF or non-GF/CF.


6. Can the surface be glossy or texture?

A: After printing, it can be proceesing as glossy.

7. What is the temperature resistance of 3D printing PEEK material?

A: The temperature of PEEK material is 220~260 degrees.