What is Sube up? Why to choose it?


What is Sube up?

"Sube up" is a technology in which a film layer made of a special smooth hard resin is coated on the surface layers of TPO (olefin elastomer) and TPS (styrene elastomer) by simultaneous extrusion molding. Generally, TPO , TPS, etc. are materials that disperse fine rubber powder in resin or have a block structure, so the surface of the extruded product has rubber elasticity and is extremely non-slip. Static electricity is generated due to poor fluidity, adhesion to mating parts and non-polar materials. In addition, "Sube up" is a processing technology in which a smooth layer made of a special smooth hard resin is formed with a film (about 20μm ), so it will not damage the flexibility of the substrate, so it should be widely used as Sealing materials and gaskets.

Why choose Sube up?

1. Excellent sliding characteristics

2. Excellent stain resistance

3. Excellent durability

4. Excellent anti-sticking performance

5. Excellent chemical resistance