Fiber Protector

Impact resistance
Heat resistance
Protects from welding sparks
Permit repeated bending
Lateral pressure protection
Protects against optical signal loss


Fiber Protector are combined with the Fiber Protect Connector, a variety of sensors can be completely protected to the sensor head even with applications that require movement.  The Fiber Protector has a variety of models due to the different types of interlocking and meterials that can be used.


Color Composition Length
Black,Green,Yellow, Blue, Orange, White, Gray, Pink, Red, Clear Polyvinylchloride,PVC Special techniques, insert approximately 1000 meters of optical fiber or cabling into the flexibel tube

※The customized in large quantities, and the production of small demand is also welcome to consult!


· Optical fibers and sensor cables, communication equipment, fiberscopes, light guides,
   underground protective pipes, shower hose covering, gas water heaters
· Medical equipment
· Arcade game machine, robotics and auomation, lighting
· Measurement devices, microphone stands
· Flexible outlet pipes in water purifiers
· Fluids, micro-thin applications
· Torque transmission

Types of PVC sheathing

Type Description
Tight Fitting Standard Item. PVC will fill the spiral valley to make the finished surface even and smooth.
Vacuume Sheathing The sheathing will be applied in a vacuum during process. The finished surface will have spiral pattern.
Bagging Sheathing Sheathing only on the surface of tube and no PVC in the spiral valley, however the surface will be even and smooth.
Heat Shrinking Sheathing Please contact for the detail