Engineering Material


Super durability
High polishing rate
Excellent process stability


The excellence of POLYMOND comes from the original manufacturing method: the "Stirred and Mixed method".  Diamond grits are mixed and stirred with Polymide, a resin highly resistant to high heat and chemicals.  Diamond coated type films are used up when grits coated on the surface are worn out.  However, the "Stirred and Mixed" type films can contain grits within the resin, so you might exhaust a film from top to bottom. Furthermore, Polymide resin is excellent in grit retention, which contributes to the high lapping performance.


Super durability POLYMOND can polish 8,000 minutes and a longer than other films
High polishing rate 1.7 times more polishing rate than a competitor
Excellent process stability "Stirred and Mixed" method stably realizes a good surface roughness


Catagories Example
1. Haircutting:Nail nipper sharpner
2. Medical Use:Dental instruments, polishing micro lenses
3. Communication:Polishing optical fibers, polishing communication connetor
4. Ceramics:Ceramics machining, finishing termal sprayed ceramics
5. Semiconductors and equipment:Ceramics cleaning, roughening bumps, silicon wafers, fixing stepper, maintaining stamper, fixing lapping machine
6. Glass and lenses:Glass cleaning, optical lens polishing
7. LED:Polishing equipments, flip chip bonder cleaning
8.  Handcrafts:Polishing jeweries
1. For sample preparation
2. New Sheet-type grinding wheel
3. Sharpening edge tools
4. POLYMOND with base materials
5. For polishing curved glass or meal materials
6. Tungsten Carbide, super and steel alloys, ceramics parts
7. Optic fiber and glass products, mirror finishing process of crystal and sapphire and
other gems
8. Free-curved surfaces of irregular shaped products


Model Particle Size Thickness Color Dimension
SR80 200-240 μm 250 μm Black ●Standard size

ファイ200, ファイ300
(manufacuture to other dimesions also possible)

●Adhesives type also available
SR100 170-200 μm 200 μm Yellow
SR120 140-170 μm 170 μm Green
SR200 85-100 μm 100 μm Orange
SR280 65-75 μm 90 μm Moss green
SR400 40-60 μm 75 μm Ocher yellow
SR600 30-40 μm 75 μm Brown
SR800 20-30 μm 75 μm Light green
SR1000 10-20 μm 75 μm Dark brown
SR1500 8-16 μm 75 μm Black
SR3000 3-8 μm 75 μm Green
SR5000 0.5-3 μm 75 μm Yellow green
SR10000 0-1 μm 75 μm Yellow