3D Printing Filament

UV Reactive type Filament

Forgery prevention
Design ability


Special filament reacts with ultraviolet light.  It's a filament that emits light when irradiated with ultraviolt light.  The printed model emits light under UV light because its internal special material reacts to the UV light.  There are three possible colors "red""blue""green".  Because the light emitting material is a complex sructure of organic molecule and absorbs light energy efficiently, it emits strongly under UV light (380-400nm).  Utilizing this characteristic, it is possible to add anti-counterfeit function and improve product design.


Color Ultraviolet Condition Composition
Red,Blue,Green 380-400 nm Complex structure of organic molecule

※The customize in large quantities, and the production of small demand is also welcome to consult!


Luminesecence It efficiently absorbs light energy and emits strong light
Forgery prevention You can add the fuction to check forgery by irradiating it under UV light
Design ability Because it emits under UV light, it is possible to improve the design in the dark place
Visibility You can check its existence in the dark place

※Since this product has no weather resistance, please refrain from using it outdoors!


· Security goods
· Variey good with UV fuction
· Outdoor or sport gear