Architecture Trim

Super Smoothness Airtight Trim for Window and Door

Small friction coefficient
Abrasion resistance
Forming characteristic
Easy to clean
Cost performance


Sube-up has excellent smoothness and abrasion resistance because of its smooth surface resin layer.  Olefinic elastomers stick to other materials, and their surfaces are not smooth becasue they contain dispersed rubber particles.  However, Sube-up can prevent the sticking of other materials and is effective in reducing sliding resistance because of its thin smooth surface resin layer.


Color Composition Thickness Hardness Package
Black,White,Gray TPE+Sube-up Customized Shore A 50° ~ 90° Customized

※The customized in large quantities, and the production of small demand is also welcome to consult!


Small friction coefficient Sube-up's friction coefficient is as small as that of a fluororesin.
Abrasion resistance Sube-up provides better abrasion resistance than Nylon.
Forming characteristic Sube-up does not affect base's physical properties because its coating thickness is 15~30 μm.
Easy to clean Its plasticizer-free and antimold coating makes Sube-up easy to clean.
Cost performance Sube-up is solvent-free, ecological, and economical since it is an extrusion.
Durability Sube-up can pass impact test at -30℃.  It maintains its physical properties even under high temperatures and therefore is very durable.


·   Window and door enterprises
·   Gaskets for airtight and watertight materials
·   Automobile parts
·   Electronics parts
·   Machinery parts