Engineering Material


Engineering Material
SUPER DURABILITY: POLYMOND can polish 8,000 minutes + a longer than other films.
HIGH POLISHING RATE: 1.7 times more polishing rate than a competitor.
EXCELLENT PROCESS STABILITY: "Stirred and Mixed" method stably realizes a good surface roughness.


Medical Use, Communication, Semiconductors, LED, Equipments, Automobiles
The excellence of POLYMOND comes from the original manfacturing method: the "Stirred and Mixed method".  

Diamond grits are mixed and stirred with Polymide, a resin highly resistant to high heat and chemicals.

Diamond coated type films are used up when grits coated on the surface are worn out.

However, our "Stirred and Mixed" type films can contain grits within the resin, so you might exhaust a film from top to bottom. Furthermore, polymide resin is excellent in grit retention, which contributes to the high lapping performance.