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Super Smoothness coat (SR Sube-up)
Materials Rubber products with Super Smoothness coat by SR Sube-up
Application Sube-up coat is used in parts of precision apparatus instead of oil or grease. Further, it is widely used for making parts for electronic devices, automobiles,buildings, leisure goods, etc.
Features Smoothness: Sube-up coat has a low coefficient of friction (0.3).
Coating: Sube-up coat is  coated by a fluoride treatment and follows an elastic-deformation of base materials.
Protection: The surface smoothness of Sube-up coat prevents wrinkle formation and dust adherence.
Antisticking properties: Sube-up coat can prevent the sticking of parts.  Further, it is effective in reducing abrasion and squeaky noise.
Eco friendly: Sube-up coating is a suitable replacement for oil or grease.
Description Low-cost rubber extrusions with an antisticking and smooth coating.