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ECO Flexseal (PLA)
Materials Polylactide (PLA) Bio-Plastic derived from plants
Application Indoor gasket, Packing materials, Glazing channel, Glazing bead, Joint filling, General goods, Sporting goods,etc.
Features Eco-friendly: Eco flexseal is a eco-friendly product using polylactide. It can reduce the use of oil resource.
Profile extrusion: A long product is possible because it is made by extrusion method. Tubes and profile extrusions can produced.
Flexibilitybe: This product is flexible considering it is made from polylactide.
Prescriptivity: It has prescriptivity because it does not elongate longitudinal direction.
Description Eco flexseal is a eco-friendly flexible plastics product using polylactide. It realizes low hardness and high environmental performance through our special developed compound of polylactide and our special elastomers. This product allows for easy installation because it elongates only cross sectional direction. Flexible gaskets and profiles can be produced. It can also be colored.