Equipment Trim

ECO Plastic Trim (Resinous)
Materials PP + TPO + Sube-up (Abrasion resistance resin) Plastic trims with hard plastic frame
Application Eco plastic trim is widely used in test equipment, electronic devices, appliances, construction, buildings, automobiles, disaster-related products, signs, outdoor products, sundries, etc.
Features Co-friendly: This product is environmentally friendly because it has a clip and does not need solvent-type adhesives. It can be attached or removed repeatedly.
Light-weight: It is lightweight because it does not have a metal frame.
Antirusting: Its frame does not rust because it is made of resin.
Recyclable: It is recyclable because its surface material is an olefin elastomer, which is of the same type as
polypropylene used for its frame.
Coloring: It can be colored because it is made of resin.
Excellent secondary workability: It realizes welding for endless processing, including the frame, because it is made of resin.
Description Eco Plastic Trim is the world's first and innovative trim that has a hard plastic frame. It is eco-friendly and recyclable. Unlike normal its frame does not rust and realizes welding for endless processing etc.
Vender P/N SRT-001, SRT-002, SRT-003
SRT-004, SRT-005