Functional Tube

TPX tube
Materials TPX (Polymethylpentene)
Application Optical instruments, Medical devices, Laboratory instruments, Lighting covers, EL fiber covers, Hose mandrels, etc.

Features Heat resistance: It can be used at high-temperature because its melting point(220-240℃) and Vicat Softening Temperature are high.
Transparency: It has excellent transparency even though it is a crystalline plastic.
Chemical resistance: It has excellent resistance to acids
and alcohol.
Low specific gravity: It can reduce the weight of products because its specific gravity is the lowest in thermoplastic elastomers.
Electric insulation: Its low-dielectric is as good as fluorocarbon polymers.
Gas transmission rate: It has high gas transmission rate because of its molecule structure.

Description This tube is an extrusion made of TPX (Polymethylpentene) which has excellent transparency and heat resistance.
TPX (Polymethylpentene) has excellent properties such as transparency, heat and chemical resistance. Its specific gravity is very low in thermoplastic elastomers.
It can expand the capability of High-added value products because it has good electric insulation and gas transmission rate.